30+ Cute Owls for Rock Painting Ideas for Kids and Adults.

Easy Owls for Rock Painting Ideas 23

I love how simple the snowy owl is to make.

These owl painted rocks are created employing a simple paint blocking method. They’re super adorable and straightforward to paint! Grab some paint pens (or brushes if you prefer) and let’s create!

Owl Painted Rocks

Yesterday teased us with spring type weather. We went outside and played with chalk and enjoyed the fresh air and now today is cold again. That burst of fresh air made me within the mood to color with my new pastel set of Posca pens. So these owl painted rocks have a fun spring feel to them…even if it’s June! You’ll paint them with whatever colors you want!

I love cute graphic style owls, but I had never tackled the method before. It always seemed more complicated than I assumed. You’ll make them as intricate as you wish. But I’m a much bigger fan of straightforward art. this is often only the 2nd owl rock I’ve ever tried! So if you aren’t sure how you would like to tackle painting an owl and think that it’d be too hard, watch this video and you’ll learn it’s not as complicated as you’ll think!


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